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In line with our succesful express benchmark we started to benchmark warehouses in 2011. On 51 key performance indicators we compare cost, performance, and productivity of warehouse locations and distinguish between different industries.We have been working very hard on a methodology that was capable of comparing warehouses on their productivity, costs, and quality, but could also help us finding out why site A outperforms site B.

The trick of a good benchmark is making a good comparison. Apples with Apples. And doing this is impossible to take specific characteristics into account. characteristics like temperature zones, automation, dangerous goods, special equipment, and other industry specific issues. That is why we have invested heavily last year in the development of an approach that could do just that: comparing apples with apples.


But we took it one step further. We asked ourselves is it possible to identify key drivers? Why is it that one site outperforms the other? Why is site A with the same set-up cheaper than site B? is it because of the used WMS? it is because voice-picking, or the number of employees?

We are proud to announce that we succeeded. By using an extensive questionnaire, using high quality information, a large data set, and a tool that is powerful enough to find these root causes we can provide the participants with very valuable and concrete advice on their warehouse location. Next to the benchmark on a staggering 51 key performance indicators.a b c

The process is very simple. We use a comprehensive survey that needs to be filled in by the participants. Supported by us this should not be a problem as this information is usually available. About 110 dimensions and characteristics are filled-in. It takes some time to fill in this survey but in order to properly benchmark the warehouse this is imperative, making sure we are not comparing a warehouse with only pallet storage with a warehouse that is fully automated and includes freezers, conveyors, and dangerous goods.

We ask you to fill in the survey that consists of approximately 110 questions. That is quite some work. Of course we are standing by to help you fill in the form and will support you if necessary. It is information that usually is available within the organization.

If you are interested and want more information about the results, methodology, pricing, please contact us. You can fill in the form below, send us an email, or contact us on +31 (0)20 2620010. We are happy to help you.

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If you are interested in the warehouse benchmark please provide us with the information below and we will send you additional information about the required information, the results, and costs of the benchmark.


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