Vacancy as Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer

About Argusi Aid

Argusi is a research driven SME that possesses deep knowledge about supply chain optimization and collaboration in mainly the commercial sector. Argusi’s expertise focuses on designing optimal supply networks in terms of minimized cost and/or time-to-consumer. This is done by using state of the art modelling tools and techniques. With the branch Argusi Aid Argusi aims to transfer knowledge and technical models from the commercial sector to the humanitarian sector, to both build a new business and make a contribution to a better world. After all, in the humanitarian sector timely delivery is of the utmost importance, but unfortunately seldom a reality.

What we are looking for

To be able to develop Argusi Aid to its full potential, knowledge of and experience from both commercial sector and humanitarian sector supply chains, their geographic regions and the cultures in those regions is needed within the company. Besides the available strong understanding of supply chain design, optimization and collaboration, specific knowledge is required on the humanitarian sector. That is why we are hiring the new job function of Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer.
Applications for the position are welcomed from candidates with a relevant PhD who have specific knowledge on humanitarian supply chains. Preferably, the Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer also brings a network in the humanitarian sector, thereby boosting Argusi’s connection to the (i)NGO’s and UN organizations.
The Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer enables Argusi to bridge the gap to transfer its experience, knowledge and models to fit the humanitarian sector. He/she would be working on a combination of research and the development of the best fitting supply chain models for supply chains in the humanitarian sector.

Specifically, the applicant must have proven knowledge in the humanitarian sector of:
– the highly uncertain and variable demand,
– the challenging distribution networks,
– the influence of donors as an additional stakeholder in the supply chain, and
– the difference between emergency response and development oriented supply chains.

Cultural and regional knowledge and sensitivity is needed for knowing the right way of transferring knowledge and technical models taking into account country and sector specific factors.The Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer will be working on the research and development of the following points:
1) An overview of differences and similarities between commercial, emergency response and development supply chains,
2) Insight in global supply chain flows and current (in)efficiencies finding synergies between NGO supply chains,
3) Technical supply chain models for the humanitarian sector taking into account the uncertainties and additional actor in the different humanitarian supply chains (emergency response and development supply chains),
4) An internal training package to share knowledge internally,
5) An external training package to transfer supply chain design, optimization and collaboration knowledge to the humanitarian sector,
6) A 5-year business plan for Argusi AID.


What we offer

The position of Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer will be for a period of 1 year at Argusi, a research driven SME, starting latest at September 1, 2017, with the ambition to continue the employment after the initial year. The Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer will follow the regular introduction program of Argusi to get acquainted with the people, expertise and way of working of the company. Training of the Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer in Argusi’s topics of expertise and the software and skills that are used at Argusi will be provided. The training in Argusi’s expertise will be done in-house on both network optimization and horizontal collaboration. Training on the software used can also be organized in-house by the software expert users (e.g. Llamasoft Supply Chain Guru, ESRI ArcGIS and Tableau).
The Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer gets experience in working in a professional commercial research advisory. He/she functions as a full member of the Argusi team and will thus participate in the weekly team meeting in which the running projects and other developments are discussed, the yearly strategy meeting etc. Like for all employees, a personal annual plan will be developed together with the directors of Argusi.
The position will get a market-consistent remuneration.


Information about the vacancy via with referential ‘Aid Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer question’.

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