Training Cycle Public Health Supply Chain Management for Argusi Aid

After delivering a successful Supply Chain Management training for the International Organization of Migration together, the collaboration with the Kuehne Foundation has been extended. This time, we developed a five day specific Public Health Supply Chain Management training for Asia and Africa together. Public health supply chains in those areas are complex due to the many actors and stakeholders. The goal of the training is to train local people working in public health at the government ot (i)NGO’s in the areas of supply chain management, design and improvement. Both parties developed several modules within their own expertise. HELP Logistics, part of the Kuehne Foundation, has developed the more generic supply chain introduction modules and Argusi Aid, branch of Argusi, has developed the more specialized modules on supply chain design and improvement.

The first shared training session will be held in Kuala Lumpur this week. Participants of the training, organized by the UNHRD, are people from Selayang Hospital, Mercy Malaysia, WHO, UNHRD, World Vision International and the Malaysian Ministry of Health among others. The next two training sessions, for the Somalian Ministry of Health in Rwanda and for Save the Children in Myanmar, will be in August. It is fantastic that with Argusi Aid we can share our knowledge like this in the humanitarian sector.

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