Our second location at Dinalog

We opened up our second office and what better place than the Dinalog Campus, and more specifically the Dinalog Lab environment. Together with Gordian, EyeOn, and 12Return, we started a unique partnership. The Dinalog Lab is the perfect environment for developing and testing new methods of logistics, Jan Willem Rustenburg (Gordian Logistic Experts): The Lab is a part of Dinalog (Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics) and supported and endorsed by REWIN and BOM. That shows a lot of confidence and gives us the drive to make it a success”.

Dinalog facilitates and supports us to develop and launch our own 4C concept. A unique opportunity. All four are logistics specialists and working on their own business concept but there is strong bond. The dedication to successfully implement our Cross-Chain Collaboration and develop a Control Tower to achieve this.

Gordian focuses on a Spare Parts Control Tower, Eyeon on collaborative planning and forcasting, 12Return on returns, and ArgusI on synergy. Testing and developing is done in close cooperation with the industry (shippers, service providers, customers). Andre vriens (Eyeon): “I am very excited about the companies currently in the Lab. They are all young entrepreneurs, ambitious, and complementary to one antoher. That gives a lot of energy. Our own cooperation is perhaps an important step towards real collaboration in the supply chain“.

This project is an initiative of Dinalog, REWIN and BOM and is made possible by a contribution of Pieken in the Delta. Gordian, Eyeon, 12Return, Argusi, Economische Impuls Zeeland, TNO, Avans, NHTV, Hogeschool Zeeland, POM Oost Vlaanderen, TLN, EVO, and more than 20 industrial partners particpate.



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