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Argusi (pronounced Argus Eye) was founded in 2007 and we opened our first office in that same year in Amsterdam. Our team forms a mix of enthusiastic and experienced supply chain experts and academics with strong ties with national and international universities. We are proud of our academic background and together with our extensive experience in the field we have a solid proposition. In recent years we have supported a long list of clients and helped them to improve their supply chain.

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Research Based. Formed by practice



Marjolein Jordans

Marjolein Jordans,


Marjolein is Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. Her expertise is focused on leading and conducting projects in the field of network design and supply chain optimization. She is enthusiastic about figuring out solutions to customers’ problems and supporting those solutions with numbers and figures. Working together in project teams with customers and colleagues is what keeps her interested and motivated. Marjolein attained her Master’s degree in 2005 in Econometrics and Operations Research (2005) at Tilburg University. Subsequently, she worked at TNO from 2005 to 2009 as researcher and advisor. Marjolein has been working at Argusi since 2009.



Menno Rustenburg,


Menno is Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. Menno is passionate about supply chains, learning and quantitative modelling and optimization. His ambition is to embed supply chain network optimization in organisations as a core process which is performed regularly. Therefore, besides providing insightful analysis using state of the art optimization tools, equally important is to train and develop the people. Enable them to adapt and improve their supply chains themselves. Continuously.
Prior to his current role, Menno worked as Senior Supply Chain Consultant/Trainer at Involvation and as Manager Operations at CEVA Logistics where he was P&L responsible for the global/EMEA supply chain operations for a number of international clients. After his studies at Wageningen University on Operations Research and Systems Engineering, he started his career as logistics advisor at TNO Logistics and Transport and is now re-joined with his former colleagues Bas, Marjolein, Frans and Marlies.



Bas Groothedde

Bas Groothedde,


Bas is one of the founders of Argusi. He started his carrier in the food-service and before he started Argusi together with Frans Cruijssen he was managing director at Kirkman Company, a strategic sourcing consultancy. He finished his PhD on supply chain partnerships and network design at the Delft University of Technology (Cum Laude) and completed an Executive Program at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998. Next to his position at Argusi he was in the board of I+Solutions and still lectures at TiasNimbas business school. He is author of the book From Strategy to Structure and specializes in network design, benchmarking, and outsourcing.

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Kiki Verhagen

Kiki Verhagen,


Kiki is Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. In 2014 she graduated for her master study in Wageningen in Management, Economics and Consumer studies, with the specialization Operations Research and Logistics. After she travelled in Asia she started working at Argusi. Kiki gets enthusiastic about the different optimization challenges from varying sectors and likes working on data analyses. It is the combination of both accurate modelling working closely together with the customer what motivates her. At the moment her expertise focusses mainly on network optimization and transport optimization.


Marrigje de Kort

Marrigje de Kort,


Marrigje is Marketing and Communication manager at Argusi. In 2012 she graduated at NHTV International Media & Entertainment Management at Breda as media manager and in 2016 she finished her master in Strategic Communications at the University Antwerp. Marrigje’s main areas of expertise are content marketing, storytelling and project management. Her ambition is to explain the vision and expertise of Argusi to the world of international commercial businesses. Marrigje gets enthusiastic about her work by making and using different kinds of media and in combination with supporting these choices by using research, innovations and development within the media landscape.


Susan Sijtsma

Susan Sijtsma,


Susan is Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. Recently, she graduated as Food Technologist at Wageningen University. During her study, she gained knowledge on perishability and conditioning of fresh food and attended courses about supply chain and logistics. She combined her knowledge on fresh food and logistics in an internship at Argusi before she started her career at Argusi. Susan experiences it as a real challenge to translate practical problems to strong mathematical models to analyze supply chains. Her goal is to use her expertise to reduce waste in the fresh food chain, while considering the optimal storage conditions for different product types.


Simon van den Broeke

Simon van den Broeke,


Simon is graduate intern at Argusi and he focuses on integration of tactical decision-making in network design. He has finished the Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research and the internship at Argusi concludes the Master Operations Research & Management Science at Tilburg University. His thesis research entails clustering of product groups and modelling and optimization of supply chains. Subsequently, he applies this model to the supply chain of medical instruments and materials used in hospitals and to two other data sets. Furthermore, Simon is engaged in surveying required data from customers, in order that based upon the same data both strategic and tactical decisions can be made.


Wiger Aantjes

Charlotte Holtackers,


Charlotte is graduate intern at Argusi. She is specialized in Operations research, Econometrics and multivariate data analysis within the Master of Business, Economics and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University. In addition, she has followed various courses in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in the field of logistics and international trade. Charlotte gets excited about complex issues and is challenging. Working structured is one of her characteristics. At the moment, she is working on optimizing the production strategy of a food business. The short lifespan of some foods makes this issue extra interesting for Charlotte.


Wiger Aantjes

Eefje School,


Eefje is graduate intern at Argusi. She is finalizing her Master Sustainable Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University with a special focus on operations research and logistics. During her thesis at Argusi she will analyze the effect of dynamic reorder points on the supply chain of fertilizing liquids and use quantitative models to optimize this process. Furthermore, she will investigate the capability of these mathematical models for comparable problems. Eefje’s dream is to improve the sustainability in the food chain by combining her knowledge in the field of food technology and operations research.


Frans Cruissen

Frans Cruijssen,


Frans is founder and partner of Argusi and lectures at Wageningen University (Operations Research and Logistics), Antwerp University (Industrial Economics) and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School (Logistics Collaboration). Prior to these current roles, Frans worked at TNT Express where he was responsible for the development and global roll-out of optimization tools and solutions. After his studies on Econometrics and Operations Research, Frans conducted a PhD study (Cum Laude) on the topic of horizontal cooperation in transport and logistics. He has published papers in international academic journal on the topics of, amongst others, horizontal cooperation, network design, new logistics concepts, and benchmarking. At Argusi he specializes at projects on collaboration, network design, simulation and management games.


Lotte de Bruijne

Lotte de Bruijne,


Lotte is a Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. She recently obtained her master degree in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies with the specialization of Operations Research and Logistics at Wageningen University. Lotte gets enthusiastic of interpreting and analyzing data and translating it to a practical advise or solution for a client. Not only by making powerful analyses is what gives her energy, but also working together with clients and bring together all knowledge to come to a good result. At this moment, her expertise focuses on project managements and network design and optimization.



Lieke van Amelsfort,


Lieke is Senior Project Lead at Argusi. Making the translation between practice and analysis and bringing people with different background together are things that give her energy. She is motivated by quickly acquiring new companies and their supply chain processes and finding suitable solutions to the accompanying unique challenges. Lieke has obtained her Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2008 by executing a successful research project at Philips Lighting. Hereafter she gained supply chain experience in process optimization, leading projects and intercompany collaboration at Vopak and Mars Netherlands. Lieke has been working at Argusi since 2014, where she has specialized in leading and executing project in the area of supply chain optimization and collaboration. Besides, she has founded Argusi Aid, an Argusi branch that focuses on supply chain design, optimization and collaboration within the humanitarian sector.



Dirk ‘t Hooft,


Dirk works part-time for Argusi as Senior Advisor Logistics Collaboration. Dirk is also active as project coordinator of the European FP7 project CO(Horizontal Collaboration in the Supply Chain) and member of the Executive Group of “ALICE”, the European Technology Platform on Logistics. Also as advisor and inspirator of the start-up Minds Capital. After his graduation in economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Dirk worked in several management positions in Publishing, Agricultural Machinery, Bulk stevedoring at the Rotterdam Port, the Flower Auction of Aalsmeer and the last 11 years as CEO of HIDC (Holland International Distribution Council). Dirk is experienced in the management of innovation projects, is able to match people and organizations, and has a broad international experience. Within Argushe will concentrate his work on market deployment of the innovative tools of the COproject.


Boukje Schellens

Boukje Schellens,


Boukje is Trainee Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. Currently she is finishing her Master Data Science at Tilburg University. Next to her study Boukje works part-time at Argusi, she assists other employees with multiple projects. Boukje likes to work with Big Data in which she tries to discover new patterns. To do so she writes her own code. Besides modelling she also likes to capture the data in a nice visualization. After the summer holidays Boukje will write her thesis for the Master Operations Research & Management Science at Argusi.


Marlies de Keizer

Marlies de Keizer,


Marlies is Supply Chain Analyst at Argusi. After her studies on Econometrics and Operations Research at the University of Tilburg (cum laude), Marlies has worked as logistics consultant and as software developer. Deepening her practical knowledge, she has then conducted a PhD study at the University of Wageningen. Her research was aimed at design of a logistics network for the European floricultural sector, thereby taking into account the perishability of the products. Her research provided insights in the interplay between different strategic and tactical decisions. Her expertise comprises integration of network design and network control, integration of optimization and simulation and software development.


Lieke van den Elshout

Lieke van den Elshout,


Lieke is Project management & HR Officer at Argusi. After her studies on Human Resource Management in Rotterdam with the specialization on International HRM, Lieke worked as an HR Officer for several companies. She started her career at Robeco, where she also completed her thesis on competence management. She gained HR experience within profit, non-profit, national and international companies (DVB Bank, OMA and UWV). Lieke gets energy from tracking and stimulating people’s personal development. She has a hands-on mentality and loves to organize. At Argusi Lieke is working on project- and capacity planning and she is responsible for the development of our HR department.


Wiger Aantjes

Wiger Aantjes,


Wiger is graduate intern at Argusi. During his internship he will develop a method to improve the visualization of strategic and tactical supply chain optimizations and analyses. Wiger enjoys interpreting processes to be able to suppose improvements. He excels in thinking logically and structured analyzing. During the bachelor Agrotechnology and the master Biosystems Engineering at the Wageningen University, he specialized himself in operations research and logistics. He gained experience in quantitative modelling and analyzing different types of networks. E.g. he finished his thesis about variable and uncertain demand within the Vehicle Routing Problem by developing a new quantitative model.



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