Case Study: Oman strategic food reserves

The Middle Eastern country Oman has a food consumption that far exceeds its production capacity, making the country depend on imports for food security. Imports are shipped in from all over the world. Rice mostly comes from Thailand, India, Pakistan; Europe and South America supply sugar; perishables (cheese, meat, vegetables) are imported from USA and Europe.

International market developments like the increase in global demand for food, and export embargoes and drought in exporting countries are expected to increase food insecurity among most of the net food importing countries. The Omani gouvernment recognizes the urgent need for an appropriate food security strategy to prevent shortages and major price increases for commodities.

ArgusI was asked to research the food supply network and strategic storage of commodities in Oman: Evaluating the current distribution network for strategic storage, defining organizational issues and relationship between the government and the private sector supply chains, study the adequacy of existing storage facilities and their locations, recommending additional warehouse facilities.

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