Supply chain mapping tools

One of the first steps in any given project is to understand the logistics processes and channels. To gain insight in the supply chain we try to map it and get a common understanding of the activities, flows, information, and interaction between the different actors. For this purpose we use a set of symbols and icons.

In an effort to standardize these symbols we have developed a set of icons that represent common activities, objects, and locations. We now made this symbol set available for you to download and use. In the graph above a typical example of such a representation is presented. The symbol set is limited and perhaps you are missing some activities, objects, or links. If so, please let us now and we will include them into the set. This way we hope we can begin to standardize the mapping of logistics.

Yes, I would like to download this information

The symbol set is available in the Visio format and powerpoint format. In addition we added a description of the individual symbols and some examples. We hope it proves to be helpful

If you have any additional symbols or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, or even better, send us your set and we will include the symbols into the sets above, of course giving credit. We hope this combined effort will result in a comprehensive and commonly used set to map logistics.

Upload your own symbols

Please use the form below to upload your symbols and we will include them in the supply chain mapping set, of course giving credit.

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