Philips and Hunter Douglas join forces

On Monday April 4th 2011, Philips Lighting Roosendaal and Hunter Douglas combined their shipments to England for the first time. This transport marks the beginning of a pilot period, aiming to develop a long term collaboration between the two.

Combining the England deliveries will lead to a reduction in vehicle kilometers and therefore cost benefits and CO2 reduction. Besides, higher efficiency in the collection and distribution routes will reduce delivery times and increase service. The next couple of weeks will show the operational results of the collaboration. DFDS, Hunter Doulas’ current carrier, will conduct the combined transports.

The project started off with a detailed analysis of the transport flows to England. Both parties have a weekly flow to the Midlands (central England). The goods shipped by Hunter Douglas are long and heavy and therefore take up a lot of loading meters. The lamps shipped by Philips are transported on pallets and are much lighter in weight. In the pilot study, the partners evaluate the best way to combine the goods. At first it is investigated how to combine the load into one truck without stacking the packages. In the next phase the loading rate will be increased further by stacking the Philips pallets onto the Hunter Douglas packages.

Philips Lighting and Hunter Douglas are participating in the “bundelingsvijver” of the project “Doorbraak Bundeling Goederenstromen”. The participating companies have an interest in bundling transportation flows, the project introduces them to each other, initiating new collaborations and combined transports. Philips Lighting and Hunter Douglas were matched based on their product characteristics and shipping profile. Philips Lighting ships different types of lighting from Roosendaal to destinations in Europe. Hunter Douglas is market leader in window coverings with well known brands such as Luxaflex. The European market is supplied from the distribution center in Oudenbosch.

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One Response to “Philips and Hunter Douglas join forces”

  1. Mike Casin 2011/09/30 at 9:45 pm #

    Great collabration. These type of in depht agreements can save both parties a lot of costs. And not only the shipping parties will be benefactors but customers will usually be able to profit from it as well by offering lower prices! That’s why the key to succes is having a multifunctional suppluchain!


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