City Logistics for TNT

TNT is strongly engaged with the quality of life in cities around the globe and its own carbon footprint in these cities. In the light of this, TNT has launched a program for improving city logistics. ArgusI supports TNT in various ways under this project. First, we analyzed the distribution situation of the city of Utrecht. Different scenario’s for consolidation, both internal and external to TNT, were calculated and presented in an interactive presentation.

Furthermore, we made a detailed analysis of the top-end shopping street “PC Hooftstraat” in Amsterdam. Armed with stopwatches and checklists we observed all vehicle movements on one day in this street and made a simulation movie of this. Then, again for a number of scenarios, we advised on the attractiveness of improvement strategies for this specific part of Amsterdam. This analysis was also conducted in the shopping area in Milan around the famous Via Montenapoleone. Below is a snapshot of the scenario analysis we conducted in Milan. Currently, we are developing a management game for TNT in which various stakeholders can play the city logistics game in a realistic but simulated environment. The goal is to create awareness of the challenges cities face in optimizing their regulation to avoid traffic jams and reduce emissions.

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