Maleisie, 2017

Training Cycle Public Health Supply Chain Management for Argusi Aid

After delivering a successful Supply Chain Management training for the International Organization of Migration together, the collaboration with the Kuehne Foundation has been extended. This time, we developed a five day specific Public Health Supply Chain Management training for Asia and Africa together. Public health supply chains in those areas are complex due to the […]

Argusi Aid

Vacancy as Humanitarian Logistics R&D Officer

About Argusi Aid Argusi is a research driven SME that possesses deep knowledge about supply chain optimization and collaboration in mainly the commercial sector. Argusi’s expertise focuses on designing optimal supply networks in terms of minimized cost and/or time-to-consumer. This is done by using state of the art modelling tools and techniques. With the branch […]

Complex interconnected structure in space on the subject of modern technology and communications

How business could focus on Big Data

On Wednesday September 23 Boukje visited the Big Data Expo in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. As a fresh Data Science graduate she would like to see what the current status is of Big Data in the Netherlands. This day she attended several presentations. A short review The goal of the Big Data Expo was to […]

Olympic medals Rio 2016

The Olympic Games: the real winners evaluated

Beijing, 2008. Around the globe, people breathlessly follow the achievements of the best athletes at the Olympic games in China. Who doesn’t remember Michael Phelps winning an astonishing number of eight golden medals in the Beijing athletic center, or Frank Hoy’s massive legs that brought him three golden medal at the cycling track, or the […]


Idealab Integrated Supply Chain Optimization

Logistic network and inventory optimization are two aspects of supply chain management that are closely related. They concern choices on the allocation of demand to warehouses, the optimal route from a supplier or factory to a customer, and the placement of stocks in the supply chain. Should we keep stock in a central or regional warehouse or should we ship […]


When just network design or network control is not enough

“The more interrelated decisions you tackle together, the more you truly optimize your network.” The PhD research of Marlies de Keizer shows, based on a study of the European Floricultural sector, that network designs improve when network control decisions and perishability of products are simultaneously taken into account. “Advancements in technology and knowledge make that […]

Argusi Aid

Argusi Aid, the new branch of Argusi

In 2015, Argusi started a new branch, Argusi Aid, which focuses on the humanitarian and development sector. Within this branch, the knowledge and experience of the private sector is translated so it can be used for the humanitarian and development sector. The objective is to contribute to the improvement of efficient logistics and supply chain […]