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ArgusI joined the Green Logistics Consultants Group and is now a full member of this global Consortium of 19 partners. With members in Europe, the United States, and Australia. Frans Cruijssen: “Becoming a member means an important step for us and our ambition. This not only gives us access an exceptional set of partners that combined can bring allot of expertise to the table, it will certainly help us in our International projects” . The Green Logistics Consultants Group support companies, authorities, governments and international organisations to develop a green logistics policy or sustainable supply chain and to realise an energy- and eco-efficient supply chain and transport infrastructure.

Bas Groothedde: “It basically give us access to the state of the art on Carbon Footprinting and supply chain sustainability strategies, guidebooks, and calculation tools an area we simply did not have the tools and expertise. So next the value of having strategic partners in Europe, United States and Australia, we made a big step in our development.”

Erik van Agtmaal (Partner at Altimedes and one of the founders of the Green Logistics Consultants): “Within the Green Logistics Consultants Group, we develop and exchange environmental supply chain information, guidebooks and calculation tools. We have access to the latest knowledge, data, best practices and tools to investigate, measure, propose, implement and evaluate ambitious but realistic eco-efficient supply chain projects based on well informed decision making”.

Green Logistics Consultants is an international collaborative network of leading transport, logistics and supply chain consultants with general or specific expertise in areas where companies, local and national authorities can improve the energy and environmental performance of their logistics operations, supply chains and transport systems.


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