A Genuine Breakthrough in Collaboration

For decades collaboration in logistics has been the big promise, the solution for many of the problems that persist in the logistics and transportation industry. Scholars, Journalist, Politicians have picked up on this but still, no real breakthrough has been made. Rewin and the BOM, had the ambition to create this breakthrough and help companies in their search for collaboration. First we searched for companies willing to engage in transport bundling. As many as 42 companies agreed to participate in this project called Breakthrough in Bundling of Transportflows, that consists of 8 distinct topics, each focussing on a particular issues related to collaboration.

We came up with the life-cycle of succesful partnership: from initiation, growth, to implementation.The first phase consists of finding a suitable partner and assessing the synergy and potential improvements. The second phases focusses on the development of the partnership; deciding on the type of partnership, the risk and rewardsharing, the terms, etc. The final phase, aims at helping companies to actually implement the partnership and consider issues like, Information Technology, the Legal Framework, and Governance. Currently three projects are running and already several succesful partnerships were formed. Below you find a list of the participants that joined the project.

For additional information about the projecft check out Goederenstromen.nl, the website dedicated to this project.

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